The site is intended to be a safe space for LGBTQ people — and their straight allies — ages 13 to The site mentions that sexual discussions are allowed in a certain chat area, but explicit content is strictly forbidden everywhere else. TrevorSpace’s terms state that they do not assume responsibility for monitoring activities on the website, but can remove content that goes against the code of conduct. The terms state that personal information is collected, including non-required profile information, but it is not sold; behavioral advertising is used. The terms state that reasonable security is used and users are notified in the case of a data breach, but it is not clear for what activities accounts are required, and encryption is not mentioned. The terms state that users from age 13 to 24 are the intended audience and users can access, modify, or delete their personal information; parental consent is not mentioned for users of any age, however.

12 of the safest places for kids on the internet

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TrevorSpace a social networking site run by. The Trevor Project, the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBTQ.

Im quite new to this whole asexual thing about three months so I did a bit of digging and couldnt find anything about asexual teen dating so please let me know if this has already been done. I am 17 years old and found that most asexual dating sites were for people aged 18 and over. After investigation I found that most blogs to do with teens were mostly just saying that teens are too young to decide where they are on the asexual spextrum.

I was just wondering if there are any blogs etc out there that create a safe environment for teens to meet and chat As far as I know, it’s illegal to have dating sites to include those under 18yrs, plus any that did would run rampant with pedophiles. You can check out Trevorspace. It’s a safe place to go and meet youths to connect with or get advice. Including me, there’s a number of other aces on there as well. BUT, it isnt a dating site, any kids who use it as such to find dates tick off all the other users and will be told to not post dating advertisements in the forums so please dont try using a support site as a dating site, it’s highly inappropriate.

I’m just naming that site if you’d like a safe place to chat and meet others your age who will understand what you’re going through, but to a lesser extent of what this site will considering this is full of aces and the other is full of various queer folk and the occasional hetero. Asexual Relationships Search In.

Start meeting LGBTQ friends today!

Is a child being sexually exploited online? Report it here. The public and electronic service providers can make reports of suspected online enticement of children for sexual acts, extra-familial child sexual molestation, child pornography, child sex tourism, child sex trafficking, unsolicited obscene materials sent to a child, misleading domain names, and misleading words or digital images on the internet.

media site TrevorSpace, “the world’s largest affirming community for LGBTQ UPDATE: Sign up to receive the most up-to-date information.

Mental health counselor who believes in supporting people to think through their emotional challenges and empowering them to find resolutions or effective coping mechanisms. Search Questions or Ask New:. Moderated by Serene Sarah George , Diploma in Counseling Skills DCS , Pursuing MA in Psychology Counselor Mental health counselor who believes in supporting people to think through their emotional challenges and empowering them to find resolutions or effective coping mechanisms.

Top Rated Answers. Check the forums and reach out to people through there. Did you find this post helpful? My fabulous friend, please allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of You can feel free to ask about people’s sexualities there and find people like you in your area. Also, if you’re not into the dating thing, tumblr is a great website full of accepting people for all sexualities.

Anonymous May 17th, am. There are probably private groups that you can join to connect with people locally, either for support online or to join events. Most universities have Queer spaces or societies that have safer spaces policies which prevent people from identifying you outside the space without your consent.

Common Sense Privacy Program

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TrevorSpace — An online international peer-to-peer community for LGBTQ Broadband Online Dating · Mobile Dating · Singkes · Free Dating Sites · Chat.

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The Trevor Project

There are often gay social groups at public schools these days where gay teens can safely hang out and socialize with other gay teens. I love it and have never had a problem with any ‘creepy’ people. The reason I put sex as one of the things to know is because some people on trevorspace are looking for dating in addition to friendship.

is an international online community for LGBTQ+ youth This brings ‘s support to $M in funding to date, and the grants + pro.

The Trevor Project is an American non-profit organization founded in focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian , gay , bisexual , transgender , queer , and questioning LGBTQ youth. Through a toll-free telephone number , it operates The Trevor Lifeline, a confidential service that offers trained counselors. The stated goals of the project are to provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning LGBTQ young people under 25, as well as to offer guidance and resources to parents and educators in order to foster safe, accepting, and inclusive environments for all youth, at home and at school.

The Trevor Project is committed to producing research that brings new knowledge and clinical implications to the field of suicidology. They are the creators of the Academy Award —winning short film Trevor , a dramedy about Trevor, a gay thirteen-year-old boy who, when rejected by friends because of his sexuality, makes an attempt to take his life. When the film was scheduled to air on HBO television in , the filmmakers realized that some of the program’s young viewers might be facing the same kind of crisis as Trevor, and began to search for a support line to be broadcast during the airing.

They discovered that no such helpline existed, and decided to dedicate themselves to forming what was, in their view, a much-needed resource: an organization to promote acceptance of LGBTQ youth, and to aid in crisis and suicide prevention among that group. As a result, it became the first nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth.

Lifeguard workshops have been done in schools in Tulare County municipalities, including Dinuba , Lindsay , Porterville and Visalia , as well as in Hanford in adjacent Kings County. Michaela Mendelssohn is a prime example of someone who has been impacted by the Trevor Project [6]. Michaela is known as the first transgender contestant in the Ms. Senior California Pageant. Michaela Mendelssohn was recently appointed as a new board member of the Trevor Project.

Her role is to provide strategic direction and ensure the organization has the resources to fulfill its mission.

Help about trevorspace dating site?

Websites and social networks that do or don’t give recognition to nonbinary gender identity in their user forms. For nonbinary people, the most undesirable sites are those that require all users to mark their gender as either ” female ” or ” male ,” with no other options. Similarly bad are sites that mark this choice as ” sex ” rather than ” gender “.

Sites that are more friendly to nonbinary people are those that let users write in their own gender, give a wide variety of gender options to choose from a drop-down menu, give a third gender option such as ” other “, or don’t ask about gender at all. Some sites also ask about a user’s title or pronouns , and ideally let users include more than the standard binary options for these.

For easy skimming, the tables on this page use a colour code, loosely based on traffic lights, to show how friendly a site is to nonbinary people:.

By giving LGBTQ youth a safe place to connect with each other, TrevorSpace is a powerful resource for LGBTQ young people to find support.

TrevorSpace: A Place for You! The Trevor Project has officially launched its newest program, TrevorSpace! Trevor Space is the only free, online social networking community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning LGBTQ youth, ages 13 through 24 and their friends and allies! Youth can create personal profiles and connect with other young people throughout the country, as well as find resources within their communities.

TrevorSpace is carefully monitored by trained administrators designated by The Trevor Project to ensure all content is age appropriate, youth-friendly and factual. This ensures the site provides the safest space possible for its young members. Click here to download the application form. Please send it to glyswny gmail. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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