It feels like the last few months have brought us nothing but remasters and that trend seems to be continuing. Of course, there had been no official word at that time but it looked likely that it would come soon – we just didn’t expect it to come quite as soon as this afternoon. You can check out the official announcement trailer below. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it has a very Grand-Theft-Auto -ish vibe and certainly requires the Mature rating that the ESRB has given it, not least of all because of the game’s signature weapon, the sex toy bat. Here’s the blurb from the official site of the original game. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control.

GMS’ Hall of Game: Remembering Saints Row 2 – the game that challenged GTA

Saints row 3 steam matchmaking Me. And crazy storyline that really! Complete unofficial walkthrough and fifteenth century, actor: saints row pierce row iv.

Saints Row 2 · PC. Publisher: THQ; Release Date: Jan 5, ; Also On: PlayStation 3, Xbox Summary; Critic Reviews · User Reviews · Details & Credits.

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Saints Row 4 Release Date and Debut Trailer Announced

The events of Saints Row: The Third take place shortly after the end of Saints Row 2, where the Third Street Saints have taken over the city and have become cultural icons all over the world. Saints Row: The Third chronicles the Boss taking over the new city of Steelport and getting revenge on the other gangs for killing Johnny Gat. Saints Row 2 took place a few years after the first Saints Row, at the end of which the Boss was caught in an explosion and was hospitalised. This gave the perfect excuse to show off the new character creation tools in the game.

We all agreed we wanted to play that game.

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A new Saints Row is currently in the works that will be the first fully fledged entry in this series since Saints Row 4 came out back in Volition’s most recent offering came in the shape of Agents of Mayhem , an open-world adventure where you play as a superhero. While it had a lot of the studios trademark humour and rather silly action, it was generally thought to be quite disappointing when it released back in Still, with the studio returning back to its roots with the Saints series, a fifth instalment is welcome news to Saints fans everywhere.

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Saints Row 2 gets release date

Saints Row 3 was a big hit with a lot of Gamers for its fast, furious and fun gameplay that is always action packed and offers great multiplayer capabilities. Although, it was criticised by many for being unrealistic and totally changing the trajectory of the Saints Row series if you compared it to the earlier Saints Row 1 and Saints Row 2. The Saints Row series publisher, Deep Silver who acquired the publishing rights to the series from THQ after THQ went bankrupt , has announced a few key dates for everyone to take note of.

The rest of the world will get it three days later, also on all three major platforms, on August the 23rd.

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While reading over some posts regarding Saints Row 2 , I ran across a comment suggesting that Saints Row 2 is “the most distracting game ever. I found myself quickly relating to these comments as I have seen that with the Saints Row sequel, much as I felt while playing the original, that this game, more so than many other open world games, has a real tendency to drive me to distraction. By that I mean as did the aforementioned message board postings that when playing a Saints Row game I cannot help but get wildly off track from the main thrust of the game — the central storyline — because of the additional offerings that this game has in terms of alternatives to story missions.

This tendency is an unusual one for me. While I am pretty much in love with the open world genre and especially its criminal iterations the Grand theft Auto series, The Godfather , Scarface , etc. I never gave a damn about wasting my time finding all graffiti tags in San Andreas for example. But, more fundamentally than that, I find little that interests me in playing around in GTA ‘s open worlds once the credits have rolled despite the offer that those games likewise have offered me to “do whatever the fuck I want.

While Saints Row 2 ‘s final line which leads off this review is a nod to the sense of freedom that the sandbox style is supposed to grant the player, I am not as certain that I believe in the purity of that statement regarding this particular game, at least in terms of what most open world games are often intended to offer in that regard. Like a GTA game, Saints Row 2 , alongside its main plot line, which consists of yet another riff on the “rise of a criminal overlord” narrative that so many recent open world action games concern, offers a living world with a host of additional criminal activities that allow the player countless distractions from the linear portions of the narratives.

Several game-related blogs like The Brainy Gamer and Man Bytes Blog have recently hosted some rather in-depth discussions concerning the notion of “play” and what that term means for the video gamer. Throughout the discussion, my own thoughts kept returning to a distinction that I feel helps in defining the difference between “play” and “game”.

While we often mix these terms when talking about video games and rightly so I believe, since most video games concern elements of both when discussing “gameplay”, it strikes me that the distinction between the two is significant in understanding what drives various kinds of gamers. By embedded goals, I mean those established by the designers of the game.

When “gaming”, then, players strategize within a given set of rules and react to these systems that are clearly external to themselves.

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One second, you’re on top of Stilwater City, running the 3rd Street Saints to own everyone and everything on the island. The next thing you know, you’re caught up in a yacht explosion A lot happens when a person is in a coma.

Saints row 5 announcement date 3rd Street Saints3 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago. It would be More posts from the SaintsRow community.

Released in originally on the Playstation 3 and Xbox before later appearing on the PC, Saints Row 2 is set five years after the original, following the unforgivable betrayal of your former Saint Gang members. This begs the question, who tried to kill you and what was their motivation? Unlike the first game in the franchise, the plot is certainly clear, your character is out for retribution. Former allies from the first game have moved on, Troy Bradshaw is now the head of police while Johnny Gat is awaiting trial for murder.

On top of this, over 40 missions were included for your character to complete and who can forget the fun side missions such as crowd control as you earn money-protecting celebrities from over-zealous fans that earn you crucial bonus cash. Although there are undeniable similarities with other franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, the character creation mode is certainly a feature that up to now is unique to the Saints Row series. Along with a competitive multiplayer mode, Saints Row 2 provided the gamer with plenty of twists and turns as well as undeniable entertainment.

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Help the 3rd Streets take back their city in this explosive sequal to the hit. Saints Row 2 features unparalleled character creation and customization; a massive open world to explore by land, air or sea; and online co-op play that enables you and a friend play through the entire story of Saints Row 2. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.

Compared to 3 and 4 this games stays true to the original and is what SR was before it became what it is now, though it shares the same name SR2 is more like the the main game where 2 and 3 are spinoffs. Horrible port. The thing I don’t like is that it took this damn long to be on Xbox One. Best SR in the series. This should have been remastered instead of that piece of trash The Third. Real fun to mess around in its similar to gta but I still like it honestly they should’ve remastered this instead of 3.

Sure it’s old, and sure it has a few bugs and glitches, but it’s a great game, even moreso playing the story cooperatively. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events and more from Microsoft Store.

Saints Row: The History of Shaundi